As a professional Modeling Consultant; I am often asked my opinion of Modeling Schools & if they are necessary.   Being a product of the TOP 3 major Modeling & Self development schools in the world (My personal opinion); I certainly feel in most cases they are of tremendous value.  Find A  few that fit/suit your needs & can work within your budget.  Visit each of them (Sometimes, various Modeling Schools, Casting Agents etc will come to your city or a city near you & train or maybe even cast for local/national opportunities  at a local hotel).  This is common, however check & confirm with the hotel & as many other sources that make you comfortable BEFORE meeting that way……NEVER EVER GO TO ANYONE’S HOTEL ROOM!.  I know this from my own experience; I was uncomfortable training however Mom (Guardian) & Talent were very  comfortable…..just saying!

Modeling Schools are just a part of the investment while on your journey to becoming a successful Talent  They can be of great value, choose the right one & understand what you want out of the school investment & the one(s) you decide to guide You/one being invested in.   

Are they the answer for everyone; of course NOT & in some cases; you may live in an area where Modeling schools are not just around the corner nor downtown.

I CAN hear some of YOU thinking negatively; already.  Saying to yourself….. “I don’t have the money” or “It cost too much”    STOP thinking in that mind set if NOT you have already lost…..if you continue that way of thinking.  In this game; its most certainly has to be placed on the back burner; in fact completely removed because in the industry YOU MOST certainly will be investing in yourself or have someone that sees your vision & dreams & invest in YOU>>>>>Either way a blessing all the same & well needed.

STOP listening to other people & do your own homework as Everyone’s experience may NOT always be the same.  Some attend, & are asleep in the class/workshop with every reason in the world…..Not going to be FUN for anyone involved!  Some never attend class, are late or perhaps even want to make up classes during a time that is off schedule.

If you have a kid or YOU are the type that mostly never finishes anything….Well sure, I would consider all costs involved & by all means my time.  On the other hand, I have seen many that tried many things before discovering their Love of Modeling, Acting and several other talents  ENJOY every moment of being in the industry & finish the program & in a lot of cases move on to other classes or more advance classes at that same location or even try what the other schools have to offer through their programs…..

Staying on the subject of Modeling Schools.  Go in with the understanding of why you are there & what YOU can gain from the one YOU CHOSE/CHOOSE the one you are blessed to be attending or will attend….Don’t take that for granted!

They are also not to blame if you are not an overnight sensation nor famous…..Most will never be; however, You can make a great deal of money in the modeling industry working regularly, gain great self-confidence, meet wonderful people along the way, and come from a wonderful foundation thru training at a modeling School near Youl.
Back to your investment, if Modeling schools are not an option for you, check with the schools or local Modeling/Talent agencies to see whom they refer to when freelance Models or other industry professionals in your desired field train privately.  That’s where people such as myself can be another option.  Again find someone working or has worked in the Modeling Industry if that’s where your heart is leading you.  I am no way, implying this is the way, its’ an option & should & could be in addition to your training resume.   There are wonderful Coaches & Modeling Consultants out there.

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